You’ve Said You’re Sleepy During PMS: Is It Normal?

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You’re feeling id of out of whack today. Maybe even depressed or anxious. And definitely sleepy. You’re having a premenstrual symptom that 90% of women all over the world have. Things that are going on with you around this time are completely normal, as well as your sleepingness.


The levels of all hormone estrogen involved in your cycle fall just before your the start of menstruation. Progesterone rises after ovulation thus making some women sleepy. The most significant changes in your sleep patterns happen right after ovulation. Besides rising progesterone, melatonin and cortisol also drop this time. These two hormones are responsible for the quality of your sleep and alertness respectively. When they start to fluctuate, women often may feel sleepy or even get insomnia.


Your key survival tips for this time will be: don’t be nervous and sleep. Yes, get short naps during the day if possible, have the right go-to-bed timing and exercise. Yoga is very helpful here too, as it involves breathing techniques.


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