You’ve logged that your mood is calm during your fertility window

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It’s great that you have a good mood this time of your cycle! It is due to the hormones that make you feel well at this time. Being in a good feeling in your fertility phase is natural, as the hormones produced by your body help you to feel better.  


First, a quick refresher: Your fertility window comprises the five days before ovulation and a day of ovulation itself. Ovulation happens when an egg released from the follicle in the ovary is moving into the fallopian tube and stays there for nearly 12-24 hours so that sperm can reach the egg and fertilize it. The fertility window occurs roughly in the middle of your cycle and is the time when you’re fertile. This time involves a lot of hormonal changes, as an elevated number of estrogen is produced.


This time is known for an increase in your sex drive, as your body is getting ready to conceive and produces a spike up of testosterone right around ovulation, which from a biological perspective is also designed to get you to want to have sex. You may also experience an increased sense of smell, biologically it is explained in a way that your receptors start to work better to be more attracted to a male pheromone androsterone.


Remember to maintain good mood in this phase of your cycle and mark any changes you observe with the MIA app to know yourself better.



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