You And Masturbation: 9 Positive Effects On Your Health

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Once, it was believed that masturbation was a sign of mental issues or perversion. Now, with the development of general healthcare and sex education specifically, masturbation is considered to be a healthy, safe and acceptable sexual activity.

Here are some of the main health benefits of masturbation

  1. increases blood flow throughout your body; 
  2. releases endorphins that influence your mood and well-being;
  3. helps women during the menopause;  
  4. increases the ability to have orgasms;
  5. Improves sleep;
  6. reduces stress;
  7. relieves period cramps;
  8. strengthens your muscle tone in the rectal and pelvic areas; 
  9. decreases the risk of urinary tract infections by helping old bacteria to be flushed from the cervix.



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