White spots on your fingernails: What are they and what to do?

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Did you notice those white spots on your nails? They are called leukonychia and usually result from minor trauma. These spots are harmless in healthy people. Sometimes leukonychia can be associated with nutritional deficiencies and poor health.

White spots can come from infectious, systemic, metabolic diseases and certain meds, although this is rarely the cause of white spots.

There can also be the so-called Mees’ lines. These are transverse white lines that may signal arsenic poisoning. If you notice white lines on your nails, see your doctor.  


How to treat white spots on fingernails?

Usually, the treatment depends on the cause of the white spots.

Those white spots that have been caused by trauma will grow out over time.

If the white spots are caused by something other than physical trauma, the doctor will need to identify the reason and treat it separately.

It’s easier to avoid nail problems than to treat them, anyway.


Preventive steps include:

Don’t have contact with irritant substances

Don’t use nail polish too often  

Cut your nails short

Use moisturizer after washing to prevent your nails from becoming dry.


In most cases, white spots on the nails are not a problem and will go away over time. If you have any concerns over white spots on your nails, you should go see a doctor.


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