Which Type of Birth Control Pill Is Right for Me?

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There are two types of birth control pills:

The combination pill contains the female hormones estrogen, and progestin. They have certain precautions, such as high blood pressure, heavy smoking, and age, contraindication, or migraines, etc.

The mini-pill contains only progestin and is prescribed for ladies who cannot take estrogen for health reasons. The progestin-only pill is safe for those women who are breastfeeding or smoke heavily, as well as for those who are at risk of strokes or heart disease.


In addition, the monophasic and multiphasic pills can be used for one-month cycles. The first contains the same dose of the hormone in each active pill, while the other has different levels of hormones on different days. With these pills, you take inactive meds during the last week of your cycle, so you can have your period.

Extended-cycle birth control pills are often taken for 12 weeks, with inactive meds in the last week of the cycle. In this way, your period comes only 3-4 times per year.


There is no way that you can decide which pill to take on your own. Your doctor will make the decision based on your medical history and lifestyle.



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