What health risks are linked to physical inactivity?

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Having no sports or other physical activity is common for many people; however, research shows that it does influence a woman’s health. Moreover, smart exercise can improve your overall health condition. Here are a few tips on how to include sport activities in your lifestyle.


An inactive lifestyle involves a lot of sitting or lying down, with no or very little exercise. No wonder, most of our leisure and work is restricted to sitting: watching TV, movie theatres, offices, a lot of driving and little movement. Having an inactive lifestyle involves a number of risks that may affect a health condition:


A couple of ideas on how you can start increasing your physical activity:


At home:

At work:

Hopefully you’ll be able to increase your physical activity and change your lifestyle to become healthier and happier. Keep logging your feelings and daily activities with the MIA app to get the best daily recommendations.



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