Watery discharge

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Watery discharge is typical of normal, healthy vaginas.

Most women have about 1 to 4 milliliters (around 1/2 teaspoon) of discharge every day during their reproductive years. You may experience more discharge when your estrogen levels increase because you are ovulating, pregnant, or using birth control pills.

Vaginal discharge can begin about six months to one year before a girl gets her period. It’s caused by hormonal changes. If the discharge is watery, it’s most likely normal and not a sign of infection.

Clear and watery discharge can increase at any point during your cycle for many reasons:

-Sexual arousal can trigger an increase in watery discharge.

Explanation: blood flushes to the vagina and triggers the release of lubricating fluids. You may notice an increase in discharge following sexual intercourse.

-Estrogen can stimulate the production of more fluids. And as you know, this female hormone is on quite a rollercoaster throughout your whole cycle.



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