The top 8 ways to beat period-related anxiety

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We’ll put it honestly - scientists say that women are more likely than men to have anxiety disorders. In fact, anxiety may increase during your period. This happens due to the way our bodies function. Every menstrual cycle involves a number of hormonal changes that trigger ovulation. Your body prepares for possible conception, and if it doesn’t occur, it then sheds the uterus lining. That's why period bleeding takes place. It happens to women of reproductive age from month to month. These fluctuations can cause physical and emotional effects that may contribute to anxiety.  

What does anxiety feel like?

It is a combination of feelings and sensations. It may include restlessness, fear, an inability to focus, sleep and communication problems, or getting easily irritated. You might feel like you’re constantly being judged, or have symptoms such as stuttering, sweating, blushing or an upset stomach.

If it appears that your anxiety doesn’t seem to leave on its own after your hormonal levels even out, consult a doctor to find out the reason.

Anxiety and your periods

Steps to alleviate menstruation-related anxiety are related to your lifestyle.  

  1. Get your body moving, get regular physical exercise. Shoot for three to five 30-minute workouts a week.

  2. Eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

  3. Sleep 7-9 hours every night. If anxiety is making it hard for you to fall asleep, create a routine to help you catch your ZZZs.

  4. Minimize unhealthy substances: alcohol and tobacco.

  5. Relax. Spend time doing what makes you feel relaxed. At least for 1-2 hours every day.  

  6. Control your caffeine intake

  7. Write a diary where you can express your thoughts and feelings. You can use the MIA app’s section “Notes”

  8. Consider meditation and deep breathing exercises   

If you’ve incorporated at least half of these lifestyle changes but continue to experience significant anxiety symptoms, seek medical help.  


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