The pros and cons of using tampons

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Should you use tampons? Well, that’s a pretty individual issue. Some girls are OK with using tampons, while others say they are uncomfortable for them. All that matters is that you’re comfortable with what you’re using and that you feel totally protected. We’ve put together some pros and cons of using tampons. Do you agree with any of these points?



Invisibility. Tampons are small, so no one can see them. You can wear any clothes during your period. 

Comfort. The tampon’s position also makes it hard to feel as you go about your day. You can hide it in your palm or pocket when going to the toilet. 

No wet sensation. Because you insert the tampon directly into your vagina, it will absorb your period from the inside. As such, you won’t feel any moisture from your menstruation, which you might be able to feel with pads, as they catch your flow on the outside.

Freedom of movement.  This is especially great news if you’re super active. You can work out to your heart’s content without feeling your tampon or it moving out of place, as you likely would with a pad.



It can leak. If you don’t insert it right, get the wrong size, forget to take it out or your flow is heavier than you expected, a tampon can leak. 

Inserting a tampon may feel uncomfortable and awkward. Plus beginners don’t always do it right at first, which may cause it to leak or make you feel discomfort. 

Tampons are associated with toxic shock syndrome. They can also put you at risk for other infections if not changed at a reasonable rate. 

They cannot be used overnight.


Remember to change your tampon every four to eight hours and continue to log your data with the MIA app.  


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