The longer the relationship, the lower the libido?

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Have you ever wondered if there’s the link between the length of a relationship and decreased sex drive? There is. A large scientific study shows that in relationships that last over 7 years, a woman’s libido is likely to decrease. That’s a fact. 

Finnish researchers have found that of the functions examined, a woman's ability to orgasm was the most stable over the 7-year period, while sexual satisfaction was the most variable. 

Female sexual functioning is influenced by many factors, from a woman's mental well-being to age, time, and relationship quality. 

At the same time, all studies have their limitations. If you are experiencing, or have experienced, a short-term decrease in sexual desire, consider that it might be due to cyclical hormonal fluctuations, stress, and other lifestyle factors. 

Talk to your partner about how you feel. Try to increase your self-confidence, because the way you feel about your body affects the way you feel about sex too. Relieve your daily stress by doing sports, traveling, practicing tai chi, or taking a yoga class. Don’t forget about natural ways to  boost your energy levels, such as getting enough sleep sleep, trips away, dates, mindfulness, and a healthy diet. 

If you notice that your asex drive has been absent for a while, consult your healthcare provider. 


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