Sticky discharge

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You may notice more discharge around mid-cycle. As you know, your vaginal discharge is regulated by your hormones. As soon as your hormonal levels of estrogen and progesterone start to change, so does the consistency and color of your vaginal discharge.

It may become sticky before ovulation, during the follicular phase around days 6-14 of your cycle, assuming you have a 28-day cycle. It may be clear and feel a little sticky. As long as it doesn’t have a bad smell, it is completely normal.

This happens because of the developing egg in the fallopian tubes.  

Just after ovulation, the discharge may go back to being sticky in consistency and colored slightly white or yellow during days 14-25.

If you experience itching, pain during sex or peeing, or your discharge appears to be cheesy or have an atypical smell, see your ob-gyn.



Vaginal discharge,

Vaginal discharge: What's abnormal?

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