So you use pads: A few important tips on how to use them more effectively

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First of all, pads have various peculiarities, like size, fabric and construction.

Size refers to the volume of vaginal discharge you have daily. Pads can be light, normal, or super.

They can also be of different material and construction: softer or a more artificial feel with protective ‘wings’ or without. They can be one-time pads or reusable pads.


You should stick the pad in your underwear with the sticky strip on the back of the pad. If you have reusable pads, they hold using snaps on the underwear.


The pad should be changed once every few hours: when it's soaked with blood or you don’t like the odor.


Pads shouldn’t be flushed in the toilet, but wrapped in the packaging that works as a pad wrapping or in toilet paper and put in the trash.


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