One simple reason why you’re sleepy during your period

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Period. Is the time when you feel tired almost all day long, but when going to bed, you don’t get enough sleep and it all goes around again. Sleepiness during menstruation can have a negative effect on your quality of sleep at night because of the typical menstrual issues almost every woman gets during the first few days of the period.


There’s another theory that estrogen helps your body to have more restful and sufficient sleep. Yet, the precise reasons aren't studied completely at this point.


Anyway, you’re having crampings, cravings, lower abdomen pain, headaches, bloating and bleeding, and it makes you feel you’re totally depleted.


We’ve picked the most effective methods to deal with the period-related sleepingness that really work.


First of all, take care of yourself during PMS: go to bed when you feel sleepy, eat more fiber and fruits with no alcohol, spices, sugars and salt. Have some mild exercise or go for a walk.

Finding your stress reliever is always a good idea to beat stress.  


Another idea is to trick your body with the difference in temperatures: cool your bedroom to 16-19 degrees C (60-67 F) and take a warm bath. In this way the environment will make your body want to fall asleep in a cooler room.


In the end, this time is very short and will pass even probably tomorrow  - sometimes reminding yourself about this can ease the premenstrual symptoms.


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