Light Menstrual Flow: Is There A Cause For Concern?

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Light bleeding often occurs at the start or end of menstruation. Yet, some women have light periods all the time.

Light bleeding generally means that you use personal hygiene products marked as light (or size 1 and 2). That is, you lose less than 36.5 ml (1.2 oz) of blood per period.

Menstrual bleeding can be:  

Possible health condition:

If a period is shorter than three days or if the light period is uncommon and has suddenly decreased in volume of bleeding, this is considered to be a menstrual disorder called hypomenorrhea. It affects up to 20% of women.  

It often runs in families and is stress-related. It is also often associated with hormonal birth control, as well as some other health conditions. Today, hypomenorrhea is successfully treated after the reason for it has been identified. 

Women may also have a lighter flow if they are in puberty or approaching menopause. Plus stress may be a powerful trigger for changes in menstrual flow, as it directly affects the production of hormones in women’s bodies. 

If your period suddenly started to be short or scanty for repeated cycles and you suspect something is wrong, see your ob-gyn to clear up the situation and find the exact cause for your scanty menstrual flow.

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