Is it OK to drink coffee while experiencing PMS?

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What’s that aroma you associate your ideal morning with? Coffee! If so, you’re one of those women who can’t imagine their wake-up routine without a cup of coffee. You’re definitely not alone. Yet, how much coffee is OK for you? Do you think you might be putting your body off balance with that tasty extra cup? How much coffee is OK for you to drink every day? We’ve put together some key coffee essentials that are great to know for coffee lovers.


Caffeine affects people in different ways and it depends on your genetics. Yes, there are genes that influence our sensitivity to caffeine; in particular, they work with the receptors in the brain that are responsible for the enzymes that break down caffeine in the liver and that are affected by caffeine. The effect of caffeine on sleep is also genetically determined. Some people can drink coffee and go to sleep right after, for others it keeps them awake throughout the night.


People with certain health conditions may be advised to avoid or reduce the volume of coffee they drink. Anxiety, panic disorder, heart arrhythmia, high blood pressure, diabetes, or any other medical condition may become a reason your doctor tells you to skip caffeine.


Coffee is a natural nootropic. If you’re experiencing PMS, be careful with coffee. You are quite alert at this time and may be experiencing mood swings or extra sleepiness due to hormonal fluctuations going on in your body. One cup of coffee during these days should be OK, but don’t go too heavy, as the effects of caffeine may exacerbate your symptoms.



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