How to make your brittle nails healthy again

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Cracking, breaking, chipping, brittle, peeling, splitting, thin, and weak nails? It is definitely a problem. It is not only aesthetically bad, it may even mean that you’re doing something wrong or have a certain health condition. The medical term for this is onychoschizia.

This condition is when the nail plate splits or layers as it grows off the nail bed.

If the nails split but the toenails are strong, then an external factor is the cause. Brittle nails can be dry and brittle (too little moisture) or soft and brittle (often too much moisture).


Some of the most common reasons for brittle nails include


How to get rid of brittle nails:

  1. Don’t keep your hands in water too often
  2. Use a daily moisturizing lotion that is good for treating brittle nails
  3. Wear gloves in winter
  4. Avoid using nail polish too often
  5. Don’t create further damage to your nails
  6. Use nail conditioner
  7. Paraffin wax bath to soothe and moisturize the nails and hands.  

Stay positive and patient, as brittle nails will have to grow off at their own pace. If the direct treatment of your brittle nails does not improve your situation over time, then see your doctor for medical advice.


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