How Does Your Body Contribute To Your Mood During Ovulation

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Hurray! What a great day today that you’re feeling happy! No wonder, it’s your ovulation time. Your body has done a great job to prepare you for possible conception. The progesterone has lowered, while estrogen has risen that make you feel happier.


Besides higher sex drive this time, you feel better, you are more attentive, alert, enthusiastic, and active, ‘it’s-a-wonderful-life’ period for you. So it is normal.

Some scientists note that ovulation-related happiness may be linked to the limbic system in the brain, as it is involved in controlling both ovulation and emotions.


By the way, a recent study in Spain revealed that ladies with regular cycles are more prone to feeling happy during ovulation that those who are on hormonal birth control and have an irregular cycle.


You may also need less sleep in this time and have an emotional uplift along with a lower response to pain.


Upon release of certain hormones feelings of self-sympathy may trigger a need to be more beautiful: change hairstyle, buy clothes, etc.


It's important to understand your menstrual cycle to better track your moods and sexual arousal.


MIA helps you understand the hows and whys associated with your period.



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