How Do I Prepare For A Visit To My Ob-gyn?

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Being a woman means not only tons of responsibilities but also visiting a particular doctor called an ob-gyn who deals with some of the crucial health issues in your life. He/she will help you through puberty, childbirth, choosing birth control, pregnancy and preparation for pregnancy, as well as menopause, as well as performing screenings for diseases and infections and treating them. 

All women should have an annual exam with their gynecologist from around the age of 13-15. For teens who aren’t sexually active, one visit after their first period is enough if nothing else is bothering them.

What does a visit to ob-gyn consist of?

Conversation: Your doctor will ask you questions to help them decide what exams and tests to perform. 


When is it best to visit an ob-gyn?

What should I do before visiting my ob-gyn?

The first three days after your period is the best time to schedule your visit to an ob-gyn.




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