Healthy skin: Do you know what it depends on?

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Healthy skin is not only about your image, it also mirrors your state of health.

If your skin is NOT too oily or too dry, has little acne, is not too pale or too yellowish, it means that everything is working well inside.

So what do the looks of our skin depend on?

Hormonal balance. Like everything in a woman’s body, the condition of your skin depends on how well the hormones are working in your body. If there are any imbalances with hormones, you will be able to see it right on your skin.

What you eat: digestive problems are the first reason women may have problems with their skin.

How often you touch your face. The more often you touch your face, the more bacteria you can spread all over the surface and irritate the pores.

What cosmetics you’re using. Your skin may be allergic to some cosmetics. Moreover, some ingredients containing alcohol or aromas may cause irritation and other reactions.

Your lifestyle. Smoking, alcohol, disrupted sleep, and stress all leave a trace on your skin. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as keeping yourself hydrated improves the state of your skin.

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