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Can I go to the gym during my period or should I skip it? The answer is yes!

You can definitely go to the gym any day of your cycle. However, it depends on what you plan to do there as well. Some women really feel weak during their menses or have cramps just before their period comes. You can go to the gym during your period, but don’t go at it too hard. Try to avoid heavy loads and high-intensity workouts. Try stretching and low-intensity exercises instead. If you’re likely to have cramps, avoid exercises involving your belly muscles. Those few days right before your period might seem quite bad for going to the gym, as PMS often involves weakness, cramps and mood swings. If you suffer badly from PMS, we advise ae yoga workout as it can help relieve PMS symptoms.

During ovulation, you can focus on heavier weight training rather than the more difficult cardiovascular anaerobic efforts of the follicular phase. According to the American Journal of Sports Medicine, a change in balance leads to joint laxity and estrogen-induced changes in collagen structure, so the tendons and cartilage are softened. This increases their elasticity and the risk of injury. Pay more attention to your warm-up before the workout and recovery sessions afterward.

Right after ovulation during the luteal phase, your body will not be primed for intense physical exercise, as less oxygen is available for the muscles involved in working out. Nevertheless, this time is great for fat burning exercises, as the body uses fat as its main fuel source. Remember to drink a sufficient amount of clear water and keep your diet healthy to maximize the effect of your workouts.


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