Fatigue: Why are you so tired and what to do?

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If you’re extremely tired and sleepy, this condition is called fatigue. Unfortunately, fatigue is a common problem for many people. 

Fatigue can be caused by certain lifestyle factors:


On the other hand, fatigue can be caused by physical health conditions, such as:

In most cases, a healthy diet, sufficient sleep of 7-8 hours per day, and regular physical activity can help reduce fatigue. Fatigue, especially chronic fatigue, is usually linked to a medical condition or health problem. It may also be its own chronic condition known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). To prevent fatigue from becoming a long-lasting condition, it is highly recommended that you solve the problem as soon as you notice it by consulting your healthcare provider. 

If you’re experiencing fatigue for long periods of time other than during PMS, see your doctor to find out why.


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