Exclusive Birth Control Available for Young Mothers Only: Do You Know About It?

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Effectiveness: 98% if used correctly


Breastfeeding is an efficient contraception method if you follow the key guidelines:

Breastfeed your baby every 4 hours during the day, and every 6 hours during the night.

Don’t feed your baby anything other than breastmilk.


Chance of pregnancy if you practice LAM correctly:

The first three months - about 0

3-6 months -  less than 2%

After 6 months (if your periods have not yet returned) - about 6%





Breastfeeding is safe as a birth control option granted you observe all the conditions for it to be effective.

If you don’t want to use breastfeeding as a contraception method, you’re free to choose any of the available hormonal birth control options 3 weeks after childbirth. It will not hurt you or your baby but discuss it with your ob-gyn first.



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