Dry skin: Why do women get it & how to make it normal again

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Is dry skin only about dehydration? First of all, let’s point out what dry skin really is. Healthy skin contains natural oils, which do their job by keeping the skin soft and lubricating the skin’s barrier. So, in combination this keeps moisture in and irritants out.

4 possible causes of dry skin:

  1. Fewer vitamins than we need. Dry skin is one of the symptoms of vitamin A deficiency.
  2. Environment: prolonged exposure to cold, heat, and pollution. When your skin is without essential moisture for a long time, it feels dry, rough, and slightly worse off. If you frequently swim in chlorinated pools, you may also develop dry skin.
  3. Cosmetics: artificial perfumes, harsh soaps, and other things you put on your face can upset the skin’s natural balance.
  4. Disease: Dry skin is one of the symptoms of atopic dermatitis (eczema) or psoriasis. These should be treated by your doctor.

Some effective lifestyle solutions for dry skin

If you develop severe dry skin or it bothers you, or your skin is very sore, see your healthcare provider. If you have skin problems, don't leave dermatitis untreated. Otherwise, it can get worse. Early treatment will lower your risk of complications, such as open wounds from scratching and skin infections.

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