Drinking coffee during your period: will it make you feel worse?

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The web is filled with horror stories about the hazards of coffee, but is all of it true?


Besides its positive effect on your body, caffeine can have various negative effects, such as anxiety and disrupted sleep — but this depends greatly on the peculiarities of your body.


Coffee is a natural diuretic, so having too much coffee during your period may result in dehydration. Besides, caffeine contributes to cramps and related headaches.


Coffee may also increase the anxiety and cortisol levels that make you feel more stressed. Thus, drinking too much coffee during those days may make your PMS even more severe.  


Having 1-2 cups of coffee may not be a serious reason for concern, but cut it back if you’re used to drinking more, and remember about water.


You can substitute coffee with green or black tea.


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