Check If You’re In: 9 Outstanding Products That Will Make You Healthier

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Every woman wants to be fit and beautiful, so nutrition is the first thing to pay attention to when pursuing this goal. Correct your diet by adding the most useful products, and you will see a difference soon: better skin, nails, muscle tone, less stress, sleep problems, and stomach discomfort. 

Learn about the best 9 fitness helpers to add to your daily nutrition and their TOP effects on your body and health. 

1. Amazing Tomatoes 

Slow down ageing processes

Lower heart disease and cancer risks

High content of powerful antioxidants and lycopene 


Low calorie product 

Good for female nervous system.

 2. Hard and cottage cheeses

High percentage of calcium  

Vital for cardiac, nervous, blood circulatory and blood producing systems

Daily norm - 1,000-1,200 mg 

Especially important for women over 30, as helps to lower the risks of joint and bone ache.  

3. Green Yummy Avocado 

Vitamin C and E 


Reduces bad cholesterol levels 

Helps to fight aging. 

4. Lovely Oatmeal  

Improve your digestive and cardiovascular system functioning

Rich in magnesium, silicon, fiber, and other useful micro-elements

Daily consumption - 200-250g 

Weight loss

5. Soybeans (like milk, tofu sauce and cheese etc) 

Accelerate metabolism

Vitamins A and E


Daily norm of soybeans - 100-120g

Help to lose weight  

Boost immune system due to the tocopherol.  

6. Outstanding Blueberries 

Anti-aging properties

Bactericidal effect  

Normalize the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas functions 

Improve your hair and skin 

Vitamins and microelements for vision 

7. Hard Walnuts

Fight excessive stomach acidity, liver problems and diabetes

Recommended by gynecologists to prevent female reproductive system diseases

Effect on brain activity

Daily norm - 2-3 walnuts  

8. So Fatty and Useful Linseed oil

Fatty acids and phytoestrogens

Improves your hair and skin

Boosts immune and reproductive systems 

Linseed oil + small amount of lemon juice is a perfect salad dressing 

Must-have ingredient for ladies who want to lose weight

Omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 acids at a higher concentration than fish oil

 9. Nutritional Bananas

High content of potassium

Muscle maintenance (including the heart)

Rich in magnesium 

Take part in the processes of endorphin production (the happiness hormone)

Remember that a woman’s body is a barometer for healthy food, so make sure you consume good products to improve your health and beauty.  


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