7 Ways To Deal With Bad Mood Due To Hormone Fluctuations

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Ah, we’re so sorry to hear that after such a happy ovulation time you’re now in a bad mood. These are your hormones that are never the same throughout your cycle, so that’s why your mood is getting worse for a while. PMS is coming for you, and this time may be quite unpleasant. We’ve picked the most effective methods to deal with the hormonal rollercoaster of the luteal phase.

Let’s quickly go through the basics, so you know what’s in your body is triggering your mood. After the happy ovulation, the follicle that had the egg inside starts to make the hormone called progesterone. It works by thickening the uterus lining to prepare for the possible implantation of an embryo. Thus, progesterone levels in your body begin to rise and trigger the increase of cortisol (the stress hormone) to grow too.

The cooperation of the two hormones is actually making you moodier.

And if you already have higher levels of cortisol in your blood because of the outside factors like stress, tiredness, business at work, or some issues in relationships, there can be an excess of cortisol in you.

Yes, you can beat it. You can actually do anything regarding yourself due to a goodwill. Women are more prone to food cravings this time, but poor diet, lots of alcohol, and little sleep can destroy your body’s hormone levels and making PMS a nightmare.  

Here are some easy tricks on how you can deal with the unpleasant symptoms of the luteal phase:  

  1. Eat healthily. Your body will then get all the necessary vitamins and microelements and be able to deal with the high cortisol in your blood.

  2. Sleep well (6-8 hours every night). Sleep is your best friend when dealing with stress.

  3. Cozy spot. Find a place where you’re feeling relaxed the most and try to spend more time there for the ‘storm’ to pass.

  4. Do yoga. The breathing technique widely used in yoga is known to have a calming effect.

  5. Get ready to apologize for you being moody and rude.

  6. Accept that you are in this mood right now and forgive yourself for it.

  7. If you feel like you’re making a serious decision this time, try to write it down and delay it from happening.

Remember that you’re not the only one - almost 90% of women do have PMS (according to the McCance/Widdowson survey).


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