7 unexpected factors that may affect healthy hair

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Healthy natural hair is a love and joy for every woman, we know. It gets affected by so many factors every day that it might be a pretty tough job to manage to keep it shiny and healthy.

4 main characteristics of healthy hair:

If you've noticed changes in your locks that seem abnormal and last longer than 2 weeks, it's time to take a deeper look. Our hair can give us a glimpse into our bodies. Scientists reveal what your locks may be trying to tell you.


7 key factors that influence your hair:

  1. Hormonal imbalances and medications. Your hormones are essential for hair growth. With every slight change in your hormones, hair health may change. This also goes for any medications you take as they can have an impact on our hair.
  2. Mechanical influences. Extensive brushing can cause breakage in dry and brittle hair. Wet hair is particularly susceptible.  
  3. Environment. Light (UV and visible light), salt and chlorinated water can contribute to the breakdown of chemical bonds within the hair structure. Heat from sunlight can also dry out hair and make it susceptible to damage.
  4. Heat. Using a curling iron, straighteners, blow dryer or dryer hood. Heat breaks down the temporary bonds which hold together polypeptide chains within the hair. Over-exposure to heat can irreparably damage the structure of hair and may also damage the scalp, leading to hair loss.
  5. Chemical influences. Coloring, lightening and perming services. If the hair and scalp are overexposed to these chemicals, severe damage can occur.
  6. Humidity. A humid environment opens up pores and cuticles leaving them exposed to damaging influences.
  7. Health & diet. Poor hair can be an indicator of an underlying health problem or poor diet.


Just like our monthly fluctuating moods, our hair has good days and bad days too. Our female hormone estrogen plays an important role in the health of our hair.

That’s why you may notice that the condition of your hair may get slightly worse right before and during your period due to the estrogen drop in your monthly hormonal changes.


Pregnant women or women taking the contraceptive pill often have very healthy hair as estrogen levels are rising. After childbirth, mothers may find their hair falling out in clumps due to sinking levels of estrogen. The hair should regrow when the hormones even out.


Keep up the good work, remember to maintain a healthy diet and positive attitude. Log your beauty details with the MIA app stickers every day to receive more insights about your health.


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