7 Smart Tricks To Keep Your Used Pads Invisible

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Every month you face a little problem: where to hide a pad or tampon at home, at school or when you’re traveling or going out with friends. We understand your worries andwe want to help. 

In fact, there are many ways to hide your pad depending where you are. 

At home you can hide your supplies in an empty box. Choose a boring looking box to make sure that no one will want to peek inside. Hide it on a shelf or under the bed. 

If you’re at school or university, you can use a little box of sweets, your pencil case or a makeup bag. You can also use a sunglasses case or your laptop bag. When traveling, most people have little waist bags for documents, phones and cash. It’s a good idea to keep your pads or tampons there in case you need to change them.  

If you’re on the go, you can hide a pad or tampon in your bra, pocket, sleeve or a boot.



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