5 essential facts about sex that you may not know

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Some global stats:

Fact 1

The only contraceptive that can protect you from STI is a condom.

Fact 2

Only 2 contraceptive methods can protect you 100% from pregnancy: abstinence (decision to have no sex at all) and sterilization (a surgery that implies cutting or blocking the fallopian tubes).

Fact 3

There are over 18 birth control methods that can protect you from an unwanted pregnancy.

Fact 4

Sperm can travel up to 5 mm per minute, which, if scaled up to size, would be equivalent to a whale swimming 15,000 miles per hour or a salmon swimming 500 miles per hour. During ejaculation, the sperm is even faster, coming at a reported 28 miles per hour. This again proves that pulling out is very ineffective as a birth control method.

Fact 5

Frequent penetrative sex can help improve a woman’s cognitive function and memory by increasing the blood flow to the hippocampal region of the brain. The same though can be accomplished via any aerobic activity.



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