5 Differences Between Male And Female Condoms: Which Is More Effective?

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Everyone seems to know about condoms, right? It is well known, the cheapest, and the most effective pregnancy prevention method that works by keeping sperm away from the uterus. 

Did you know there are both male and female condoms? However, they are actually quite different in many aspects.

  1. Position. A male condom is a thin film cover made from latex rubber or polyurethane that is placed over the male organ. A female condom is a thin film the woman inserts into the vagina. 
  2. Availability. You can buy male condoms basically anywhere, while the availability of female condoms is relatively low.
  3. Price. Female condoms are relatively expensive compared to male condoms.   
  4. Male condoms are more effective than female condoms - they are 85% effective, while female condoms are 75% effective.
  5. Despite being a top must-have for partners during sexual intercourse, condoms do not guarantee 100% safety from pregnancy or STDs. The only way to avoid pregnancy or contracting an STD is abstinence from sexual intercourse. 



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