5 Amazing Benefits of Period Tracking for Your Health & Not Only

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Tracking your period and/or ovulation has long become a routine of successful women to get to know more about their cycles and achieve their goals by smartly planning their activities when pursuing or preventing pregnancy during the fertility window. We’ve put together the most useful benefits of period tracking that you may not have even thought about.

  1. Manage your mood more effectively Mood swings are phenomena that 90% of ladies have to face every cycle. With the period tracking app, you’ll get tips on how to manage unpleasant conditions in a few simple steps. Moreover, you will know what exactly causes you to be angry, anxious or fatigued, and what to do the next time to avoid it.
  2. Get fitter in the same amount of time You’ll just have to sync your menstrual cycle with your workouts to use your knowledge for better gym gains. Only after your period does estrogen in your body start to rise and give you more energy so you can do more exercise. During the third week, your body gets a combination of estrogen and progesterone, and this is the time when it’s best to burn body fat. You’ll get a great chance to burn more fat with the same amount of exercise.
  3. Know your success time: when you’re most productive at work Surprisingly, knowing your cycle will help you reach for the stars on some special projects or at work. The first two weeks of the cycle are thought to be the time when women feel more eloquent. It happens due to upcoming estrogen levels, of course. The third week though may be the one when you’d want to take a break since a change in hormone levels might make you more anxious and less friendly.
  4. Have more quality sleep during PMS Our sleep also depends on our monthly cycle. Premenstrual syndrome does influence your sleep patterns, in particular, they are statistically poorer in some women. You may feel like you can’t get enough sleep. This can be resolved through simple alterations to your lifestyle: limit coffee, do some sports in the evening (3 hours before going to bed) and maintain your sleep routine by making a sleep schedule and sticking to it. This will help regulate your body’s rhythm to get sufficient sleep.
  5. Know your body like a pro Every piece of information you log with the period tracking app helps to build your personal database for you. Even every little sticker you mark in your app adds to the greater picture of yourself. Eventually, you receive a large map of your health and can use it to see your unique patterns or share it with your healthcare provider. For free. Moreover, every time you use the MIA app, you get your Daily Advice.

Log data in your app to get access to articles and guides tailored by experts in women’s health. This information will help you gain more knowledge about your body and the processes in it, meaning you will have an overall greater understanding of how it works.


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