4 things you need to know about your breasts right now

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If you’re like most women, you know how your breasts fit into your bras and what they feel like at different times of the month. But we bet there are some things you don’t know about your bosom and how they relate to your health. 

Each woman has unique breasts 

Despite some breasts that are uniform in size and shape, they are still not all the same for every woman. 

The three main constituents of your breasts are connective tissue, glandular tissue, and fatty tissue. With time, the correlation between the connective and granular tissues in your breasts changes, and so do the shapes and sizes of the breasts and nipples. They may also change gradually throughout your lifetime due to normal natural processes, such as pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

You cannot get a larger size by working out

There are no muscles in the breasts themselves, so you cannot make your breasts larger by exercising. On the other hand, there are muscles underneath the breasts called the pectorals, and they can be strengthened. This will not affect the shape of your breasts, but it can result in a slightly lifted appearance. Your breasts can become larger or smaller as you gain or lose weight. That’s true.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide

Unfortunately, breast cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in women and the second most common cancer overall.  

In 2018 alone, there were over 2 million new cases of breast cancer. 

While scientists are in continuous search of a universal remedy against breast cancer, there are some recommendations to lower the risks of breast cancer. 

Expert adviceRegular self-screenings for women aged 18-45 (unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor)

Women over 40 are advised to have mammograms every 2 years

Women over 50 - once a year (unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor)


One thing about your breasts which is the most important to know

Although there is a lot of buzz about whether breast self-exams are that necessary, many major cancer organizations and women's health experts insist that it's crucial for women to examine their breasts on a regular basis.

Expert advice: Do breast self-exams regularly every month between the 7th-10th day of the month. If you feel something different, you should mention it to your doctor, just to be safe. 

Most breast lumps are not cancerous

Frightened by breast cancer statistics, some women believe that every breast lump is cancer. It is one of the most common misconceptions.  

Breast lumps are extremely common and are not likely to be cancer. 

Expert advice: Don’t freak out right away before you have more information.

If you find any lumps, changes in shape, size, color, or any other deviations in the usual breast structure that concern you, discuss this with your doctor.


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