3 silent killers: How to recognize subtle signs

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Many women’s health problems can be silent killers. You can’t spot them, but they can really harm your health and lead to dangerous consequences. These conditions don’t have obvious symptoms until they have progressed to an advanced stage. Learn about three most common silent killers for women and how to prevent them. 

1.    Heart disease 

Heart disease is a life-threatening condition and it is one of the leading killers of women throughout the world. Two-thirds of women who die from a heart attack never complain of chest pains. This happens because heart disease has non-specific symptoms. Many women may feel fatigued without realizing that it can be a symptom. Remember, fatigue can be a subtle sign of heart disease, especially if you experience sleep problems and shortness of breath. A healthy well-balanced diet and physical activity can lower the risk of a heart attack.

2.    Ovarian cancer 

Ovarian cancer is a sneaky disease, as in most cases it is diagnosed after spreading beyond the tumor site. However, it might cause a few physiological changes that women should be aware of. Early symptoms of ovarian cancer can be similar to the signs of irritable bowel syndrome or depression:

If you see unusual changes in your body, schedule an appointment with your gynecologist. 

3.    Hepatitis 

Hepatitis affects your liver and may lead to liver cancer.Hepatitis C is the most dangerous. You may have hepatitis for years without experiencing any symptoms. It can be passed through blood and the bodily fluids of an infected person. You can catch it through blood transfusions, needles or sexual contact.

It is very important to detect the virus as early as possible to start treatment. As the condition progresses, a person with Hepatitis C may have some subtle symptoms: 

If you notice any alarming symptoms, get tested as soon as possible. 


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