3 major reasons for low sex drive & 5 options for what can be done

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We’re sorry that you may feel stressed about low libido, but let’s look a little closer at this issue and find out what’s happening with your body and learn about 5 effective methods of managing the problem.

First of all, scientists say that sexual desire in women is extremely sensitive to the environment and context.  

Second, diseases. Any disease can affect your sexual performance. Whether you’re suffering from the flu or troubles with your kidneys, thyroid or heart, any health condition that disrupts the normal functioning of your body affects your sex drive too.

Third, hormonal imbalance. There is a vast number of hormones that affect your libido, such as testosterone, estrogen, thyroid hormones, prolactin, and insulin.

According to the results of a large survey, nearly 40% of women reported some sort of sexual problem, but only 12% said they felt distressed about it.

5 ways to handle low libido in women

A woman's low sexual desire is caused by a combination of both psychological and physical factors, which aren't likely to be cured by merely popping a pill. That is why more and more psychiatric professionals have begun to say that meds should be the last method of treating low libido issues in women.  

You should consult with your ob-gyn to find out if there are any underlying physical reasons for a sudden drop in sexual drive.

You may also want to pay special attention to the following factors that affect your libido:

  1. Work out. Regular exercise and strength training can increase your stamina, improve your body image, lift your mood and boost your self acceptance and libido.

  2. Less stress. Find a better way to cope with stress at work and at home to enhance your sex drive.

  3. Communication. Talk to your partner. Couples who can communicate openly and honestly have a stronger emotional connection that adds to a healthier relationship and stronger sex drive.  

  4. Cut off on your bad habits. Alcohol and smoking, like any other drugs can all dampen your libido.

  5. Pay attention to your lifestyle. Give yourself time to rest, get enough nutrients and sleep to boost your libido. And don’t forget to practice mindfulness.

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