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Key Features

Period and Ovulation Tracker
Track menstrual cycle, ovulation, fertility, period days, and PMS on a free feminine calendar.
Personal Health Insights
Learn more about female health from articles created by gynecologists, family psychologists, and dieticians.
Health Log
Track your sex drive, mood, weight, menstruation, daily activity. MIA will help you know more about your cycle, ovulation, and fertility.
Health Reports
Get to know your body by detecting physical and emotional patterns. Gather data for graphs and smart health reports to share with your physician.

How MIA Can Help

Track your Cycle
Accurate cycle predictions and birth control to plan your lifestyle.
Get Pregnant
Know your chances of getting pregnant to conceive faster and healthier.
Get Health Insights
Receive personal insights about your cycle and reproductive health.

What women are saying

Excellent! Pretty and clean interface, very informative. Just what I was looking for 👌
by Google User, February 22, 2019
This is my favorite period app! I love the insights and the app design. Very handy and easy to use. Highly recommended
by Apple User, April 19, 2019
AMAZING. so much better and relaxed than clue. i would recommend to anyone who has just started their period or is looking for a tracking app
by Google User, January 22, 2019
I can say honestly and open heartedly that this is probably one of the best apps I've used a long time. It was able to pinpoint everything exactly after only one month of use
by Google User, March 27, 2019
Absolutely love this app. first time ive ever tracked my cycle and im 22 and it works fantastic.
by Google User, April 23, 2019