Your Annual Ob-gyn Exam. 7 Essentials You May Not Know About

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We’ve put together some essentials for ladies to remember before their annual visit to the gynecologist.

  1. The best time for a visit is the first three days after the end of your period. If you have any complaints - any day of your cycle.
  2. If you’re taking antibiotics, it’s best to reschedule your visit for 2 weeks after you finish taking them. However, if you have specific complaints, don’t delay your visit, but remember to inform your doctor about the intake of meds.
  3. Avoid sex for 48 hours before the visit. Sperm, even in the smallest amounts, may alter the results of the tests.
  4. Don’t drink any alcohol for 24 hours before visiting your ob-gyn.
  5. Before visiting your ob-gyn, you should make sure your bladder and your colon are empty. Your doctor will manually examine your organs, and you and the doctor may experience unpleasant sensations if the bladder and bowel are full.
  6. Take a shower before the visit. Try not to wash your vulva too thoroughly, as water and soap may affect its microflora, altering any analysis. For this reason, you shouldn’t douche either or use any intimate perfumes or deodorants.
  7. What does a visit to ob-gyn consist of?


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