Sport and the Follicular Phase

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Sport has long become a daily routine for ladies, but when is the best time for a workout in terms of your menstruation cycle? This is a question that women often ask. Doctors suggest that ladies should consider the phases of their cycle to get a proper workout balance. 

The duration of the follicular phase is approximately 14 days, starting from the 1st day of the menstruation cycle. Ovulation is accompanied by an increase in estrogen, with progesterone and body temperature staying at the same level. 

Your body is in a state of renewal in this period and is getting ready for possible conception. Metabolism is accelerated, insulin sensitivity is increased and susceptibility to pain is decreased. You feel elevated and full of energy, and are able to endure more. This is a time when a woman’s body is able to hit intense workouts of an anaerobic nature. 



Guide To Planning Your Exercise Around Your Menstruation Cycle,

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