‘No Sex’: Are you ready for it & what happens when you stop having sex

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It is the personal choice of every woman whether to have sex or not, as well as when to start having sex or when to take a break. It is only you who can make decisions about your sexual activity. The key here is to stay healthy and happy.


Most women start to have sex after puberty in their teens. However, some choose abstinence, which protects them not only from unwanted pregnancy, but also from sexually transmitted diseases. Women's sexual health is essential for both emotional and physical well-being. It makes your sleep better and helps you beat stress.


However, it sometimes takes an effort to achieve a healthy sex life. It requires self-understanding, self-reflection and the ability to communicate with your partner.  


Sexual needs vary between people, and that is completely normal. Finding the best way that is a perfect fit for both partners is the key to finding a sexual balance.


There are a number of factors that affect sexual desire. Stress, anxiety, some health conditions, and overwork may reduce your libido.


Some people choose abstinence by deciding not to have sex at all. Whether you have or haven’t had sex before, it’s still totally your right to decide that it’s not something that you want to do. The key here to remember is that it’s your body.


Sometimes women can be asexual, that is not feeling sexual attraction to anyone. It is a phase of life that is also absolutely normal.


If you want to learn more about your own feelings of asexuality or feel uncomfortable about them – especially if they come about abruptly – don’t hesitate to talk to a doctor or therapist.


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