Hangovers: Women suffer more. What’s actually going on with your body?

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The consequences of last night can be very dreadful. You’ve got a headache accompanied by nausea, dehydration, tiredness, weakness, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, and trouble sleeping. And your energy levels drop down below zero. These are the main hangover symptoms that may differ in prevalence and severity but they are all on a rating scale that researchers have recently come up with.

By the way, did you know that men get over this terrible condition much easier than women do? It might seem unfair, but that's just one of the findings of a new study that analyzes human anatomy.

Women are less tolerant to alcohol during menstruation. Throughout her reproductive years a woman will absorb alcohol faster and therefore become drunk quicker. But a woman’s body metabolizes it less well, so women sober up more slowly. To some extent, women get their revenge after menopause, when their estrogen/testosterone balance is more like a male's.

How does a hangover “work”?

There is only one best and 100% effective cure for a hangover.

It is avoiding one by abstaining from alcohol.


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