Can I do without a test?

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Your body sends you signals about ovulation and pregnancy, but we humans are not always able to decode those signals or can misinterpret them. That’s why it’s always better to get some additional help by buying a test.   

Normal pregnancy signs, such as:

can also be symptoms of PMS, so to make sure it’s best to take a pregnancy test. Some pregnancy tests even work when your period is only one day late. 


Mild cramps and slight spotting, as well as egg-white сervical fluid and a rapid increase of basal temperature, are typical symptoms of ovulation. However, they can be caused by other conditions and meds, so if you really need to know if you’re ovulating, take an ovulation test. 


If you’re determined to become pregnant, we recommend you start monitoring your bodily signs and log them with the MIA app. What’s more, you need to be able to interpret them correctly-. A test, either pregnancy or ovulation, will help you to know for sure what’s going on with your body at the moment. 


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