Why You Should Stay Away From White But Eat Dark Chocolate

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Quality chocolate can elevate your mood by impacting your hormones, help you get rid of headaches & irritation during PMS. 

Indeed, women (91%) love chocolate more than men (87%) but not all know that various chocolate types have different effect on women’s health. 

Bitter black chocolate (55% cocoa & minimal sugar) - antioxidant, cavity free, low in calories, natural UV and aging protection for your skin. It is the most useful type. 

Dark chocolate (40% of cocoa & more sugar) -  low calories content, natural aphrodisiac.  

Milk chocolate contains more milk solids & less cocoa. 

White chocolate (0% natural cocoa) - high sugar & food additives content. Not recommended. 

Make sure you moderate your consumption! No more than 40g of darker chocolate per day! 




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