Why scented panty liners are not OK for your health

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The smiling cute girls from TV commercials try to convince us, ladies, to grab a pack of “super chamomile” or “deo” daily panty liners. We truly believe that it would be a good option, don’t we?

Doctors see it differently. Scented hygienic products may cause health problems, and they often do. That’s why ob-gyns would not recommend using scented panties, as they may lead to issues you will have to deal with in the future. 

First of all, remember that any scents in your personal hygiene products are artificial chemicals. They are not natural and may affect your health in a bad way: 

  1. Allergies. Deo panty liners have additional chemicals that may irritate the gentle tissues around your vagina. 

  2. Bacterial vaginosis. You could disrupt your vaginal microbiome and the beneficial bacteria down there, along with the optimal pH levels, both of which are self-regulating.

  3. Burning sensations and discomfort. Deo panty liners can irritate the skin on your lady bits because of the close contact between the panty liner and your skin. It happens more often in summer. 

  4. Along with vaginal discharge, panty liners are the perfect environment for the development of bacteria, especially if not changed regularly. 

If you keep your vaginal area dry and allow it to breathe, you will not need to mask the natural odor with scented feminine hygiene products. If the odor doesn’t seem right, it might indicate that you have an infection. In which case, see your ob-gyn to get to the root cause of the problem.


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