Why Can You Feel Sleepy During Ovulation?

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Sleep problems in the middle of your cycle are explained by a slight rise of temperature due to ovulation.


Ovulation happens when your ovaries release an egg that is ready for conception (usually happens in the mid-cycle).


It is characterized by possible light crampings and higher body temperature that drops afterwards. As you know, estrogen starts to rise and reaches its peak right before the ovulation time, but then it starts to go down. So does your basal temperature, and then it suddenly drops, and a rapid change in temperatures makes out body want to sleep. No wonder, you begin to feel sleepy around this time…


At the same time, women heading to menopause may experience even more sleepingness, because the levels of overall estrogen begin to decline with age.  


A couple of tips how to get well with your sleep these days.


Another idea is to trick your body with the difference in temperatures: cool your bedroom to 16-19 degrees C (60-67 F) and take a warm bath. In this way the environment will make your body want to fall asleep in a cooler room.


In the end, ovulation is just one day of your cycle, the happiest one for those ladies who want to conceive. Continue to log your conditions with the MIA app for every day of your cycle to learn more about your amazing body.



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