What changes to look for in the breasts?

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Each woman is the happy owner of unique breasts shaped by nature. 

As you know, your breasts change a little every month, either due to your menstrual cycle, becoming pregnant or breastfeeding. This happens due to the ebb and flow of hormones throughout your monthly cycle or hormonal imbalances that occur during pregnancy and menopause. 


Hormones affect many aspects of our breasts—it’s what inspired their development in the first place, says Rebecca Booth, MD, a gynecologist and hormonal expert in Louisville, KY. 


When it comes to breast health, the important thing is to learn what's normal for you. This is why breast self-exams are aimed at getting to know your breasts, so you’re able to spot any possible changes in the future. 

At the same time, the shape of the breasts can be affected by some health conditions that should be immediately addressed. 

If you have spotted that one of your breasts has become unusually bigger than the other without any foreseeable cause (breastfeeding or menstruation), it is a good reason to see your doctor. Do a breast self-exam and check if there are any other possible changes in the breasts like nipple discharge, lumps, swelling, and changes in color (red or dark) or skin structure (orange peel or flaky). 

Write the symptoms down and schedule an appointment with your doctor for an examination. Keep calm - it is not necessarily cancer, yet any changes in the breasts should be addressed so you know what the reason for this could be. 


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