What Can Be Done To Help You Feel Better?

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Dealing with this mood is not an easy task, and you know it more than anyone else. However, there are some awesome tricks that can help to improve your current emotional state.

Your mood changing during your period is due to the hormones that keep fluctuating in your blood and basically make you feel this way.

The thing is that after the ovulation the levels of estrogen (that makes you energetic) start to gradually decrease, so by the time your period comes you have very little of it in your blood. This is what makes you sad. Scientists suggest that low levels of estrogen may lead to a drop in serotonin.

Yet it is known that cortisol, a stress hormone, also is high during the luteal phase of your cycle. This is triggered by high levels of progesterone. You may be quite on an emotional rollercoaster: either angry or sad, staying at home and being irritated.

Don’t worry, this storm will pass in a few days, as the estrogen levels already slowly began to go up. It actually starts to do so on the first day of the cycle and will boost your mood, make you more patient and energetic.  

But you need this estrogen right here and right now! Here’s what you can do about your current mood today:

We hope that you will manage your feelings shortly and will go through the period-related mood swings successfully.

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