What Affects the Nature of Menstruation

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There are external factors that contribute to a change in menstrual parameters:

  1. Hormonal imbalance related to stress. Stress, fatigue, and a chronic lack of sleep can lead to hormonal imbalance, and this, in turn, leads to menstrual disorders, changing the duration and the volume of menstrual bleeding.
  2. Strict diet, as the exhausted organism tries to save its resources, including the production of hormones, and this triggers changes in the cycle.
  3. The action of hormonal contraceptives is based either on the suppression of ovulation, or on changes in the endometrium structure.  
  4. Intensive physical activity, unusual for the body, often leads to a decrease in the discharge volume.

Any changes in the nature of menstrual discharge often indicate serious ailments. Consult your doctor in the case of any menstrual disorder.



Reviewed by Medical expert Lilit Nasibyan, MD

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