Use Tampons Smartly: How To Avoid Toxic Shock Syndrome

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Tampons are soft little sticks that when put into the vagina, assume the necessary size and soak up the blood letting out little or no spots.


Depending on your blood flow, tampons come in various sizes: light, normal, or super, and each of them lasts a few hours. Some tampons have cardboard or plastic applicators that help you insert the tampon into your vagina. Others you should gently push with your finger.


To insert the tampon, you should wash your hands and chose the most comfortable position for you (squat, stand with one leg up, sit on the toilet).


It’s important to know the balance, not to push the tampon too far and leaving the thin thread that will help you take the tampon out when needed. The tampon should be fully inserted into your vagina, so you don’t experience any discomfort when moving or sitting. Try to be relaxed, so the process will be more comfortable for you.

If you experience pain when inserting the tampon, discuss this with your ob-gyn or nurse to find out why.


You can change your tampon every 4-8 hours, but don’t leave it for longer. If a tampon is left inside for over 8 hours, you may experience what is called a toxic shock syndrome.  TSS is a dangerous condition that may cause high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, rash, or ab or muscle pain, so pull the tampon out and see your healthcare provider ASAP.


To avoid this, change tampons more often, every 6 hours for example and use them overnight only if you replace them first thing in the morning.  

Use tampons only when your period starts.

Choose the proper size of tampon. There’s no need to use a super if you have a medium or light flow.

Stick to these recommendations in the MIA app to never experience TSS and have a bright and happy time during your period.



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