True or not: 4 main myths about breast pain

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Not everything that you know about breast pain is true. Let’s set things straight regarding the truth and lies about pain in the breasts.  


Myth 1. Men never have breast pain. Men have breast tissue and mammary glands, too. But their development often stops in puberty. Yet, men can still have breast-related diseases, including breast cancer, and they can experience breast pain. 


2. No pain - no disease. 

Unfortunately, most breast diseases do not cause breast pain in their initial stage. The breast pain women feel is usually associated with cyclical changes, injuries or traumas. 


3. Mastalgia is always linked to breast problems. 

Muscular strain or injury, heart attack, gallbladder disease, stomach ulcers and pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), among others, may cause chest pain and be mistaken for breast pain. 


4. Breast pain means I have cancer. Breast cancer is rarely the cause of breast pain, although IBC is often associated with pain. In general, breast pain accounts for 1.2–6.7% of cases.


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