Top 4 dangers of having unprotected sex

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What consequences may unprotected sex have on your health?

1. STDs. They develop later on after the infection is transmitted. They are invisible, you cannot feel when you get one, they may have no symptoms at all and they don’t hurt. Most women do not even know they have an STI for some time after the unprotected sex. Later on, the infection may turn into a disease requiring long and costly treatment and even lead to infertility. Some STIs cannot be treated, such as HIV (becoming AIDS) and HPV if you haven’t been vaccinated. The probability of getting an STD after unprotected sex is quite high, approaching 30 percent. 

It can take three months for HIV to show up on a test, but it only takes days for sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis to show up. Practicing safer sex allows you to reduce your risk of getting STDs.

2. Unintended pregnancy

Unwanted pregnancies may have serious and long-term implications for the woman and her fetus. Multiple studies show that compared to planned births, births from unintended pregnancies are associated with more adverse infant, maternal, and child health outcomes. Premature births, delayed prenatal care, and negative mental and physical health effects for children are among some of them. Women who experienced unwanted pregnancies have higher incidences of mental health problems. Pregnancy is an important step in your life, and one that requires responsibility and thorough preparation. 

3. Side effects associated with emergency contraception. Although emergency contraception is effective and safe in general, it involves certain risks concerning the functioning of a woman’s body. It may lead to intermenstrual bleeding, hormonal imbalance, and have psychological implications as well.  

4. Psychological issues. Some women develop anxiety due to the previous 3 effects. How to deal with it? You are the only person empowered to prevent this anxiety and possible causes of it by avoiding unsafe sex. Use proper contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancy or costly examinations and treatments in the future. Being in control of your body and your health is essential for a modern woman and it should not be neglected. 

Remember there’s a variety of contraceptive methods that will allow you to avoid unwanted pregnancy and the only birth control that protects you from getting STIs is a condom.


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