Sleepy: When it can signal a disease

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We feel sleepy when we’re tired, or it could be a PMS symptom or the outcome of poor sleeping patterns. But sometimes sleepyness can tell you that you’re sick. 

If you’re sleeping well and you don’t have and aren’t expecting your period, but you still feel sleepy, watch out for additional symptoms that could signal a possible disease: 

If your feeling sleepy is accompanied by any of these symptoms, it could be a reaction to certain meds, the result of frequent drug and alcohol use, sleep apnea, head injury, or low thyroid function. 

Excess weight, pregnancy, some neurological diseases (multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's disease), and depression can also make you feel sleepy. 

If you are worried about feeling sleepy most of the time and no lifestyle changes seem to work, it’s best to see your healthcare provider.


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